InstaPro Latest Version Apk v11.15

What is InstaPro ?
Hey Everyone! Insta Pro APK is  the best Insta Mod  for Android devices. and this devlope by SamMods. By the way, No more worries at all.We have all new Insta Pro to replace the Other Insta Mod in the aspects of features and performance. Recently developer has released the latest version based on the Play Store Base.  

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  • [ Latest Base Update ] 336.
  • [Added] Hide reel info
  • [Fixed] Redownload 
  • [Misc] Many More.
  • [Fixed] Many Random Crash
  • [ Latest Base Update ] 319.
  • [Added] Redownload Notification
  • [Misc] Many More.
  • [Fixed] Many Random Crash
  • Privcay – In Every App Privacy is important. In this version have some use full privacy features.(Do not mark messages as read in direct, Hide View Stories, Hide typing status in DM)..
  • Download Stories & Media – Downloading is Most Important can save stories and download images and video in feeds by pressing download button and also using extra option.
  • Save IGTV Videos – You can Save IGTV videos to your  android device storage .
  • Ad-free – Insta Pro ( InstaPro  ) Fully Ad-free You won’t see any advertisements in between the feed and stories.
  • Photos in max quality – Using this feature you can share full resolution.
  • Translate – Supports Google and Yandex translation engine. One can translate comments and posts to English, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish.
  • In-app browser – You Have choice option need to open another browser to visit any link.
  • Shopping items in search – You can disable advertisement items .
  • Unfollowing tracker – Many people  know who unfollowed them. So, this option makes sense in that case. Even, you can see the list of unfollowers with this InstaPro.
  • App lock – Don’t need any other app and  tools anymore. Just insta pro lock your Insta with the pin code.
  • Follows You – Ability to showing ( FOLLOWS YOU ) Tag. You can easly see who follow you.

some shortcuts features

  • Enable/Disable Double-tap to like
  • Download media on triple tap.
  • Zoom picture on long tap.
  • Disable swipe to open camera and DM.
  • Download Own Story With Music

mini features

  • Copy comments.
  • Copy users bio.
  • Check if the user follows you by going to their profile.
  • Comments links can be opened directly.
  • Listen and add music to the Stories
  • Add music stickers to the Stories (may not be available in your country)
MOD NameInstaPro
Android Vr4.4.2 UP
File TypeAPK
Download Size45MB

Please Follow Instructions: 
1- Download InstaPro Apk 
2- Click On Apk and Install 
3- If You Get any error so please unistall old version reinstall latest version
4- Done 

com.instapro2 Download Link2
com.instapro Download Link2
com.insta Download Link2

78 Responses to "InstaPro Latest Version Apk v11.15"

  1. Bro add double picture option in story

  2. Replies
    1. I was getting ads too with this one. I went back to the other version.

  3. Bro, Login with Facebook isn't working.

    1. Uninstall your Facebook then you can log in with Facebook
      Becouse it's connected with chrome

  4. Only missing add copy text from feeds

  5. Could you do automated replies to messages for my Company's Instagram account? Or do you have any other so that could do automated replies to messages People send to my Instagram account?

  6. Unfollowing tracker not working properly bro

  7. app not installed in android 11, how to install in android 11?

  8. not instaled with name com.instagram, please add com.instamini or other

  9. Bro, pls change the app icon, as both insta pro and insta pro 2 have same icon..i mean default icon..pls change it.

  10. It couldn't install on my phone android 6

  11. How to check unfollowers list on instapro mod?

  12. SamMods. Please make Instagram Lite mod. Get the ability to download videos and pictures and zoom pictures.


  13. What is the base version of instagram of this mod?

  14. Could a version with original package? Same as but with modifications

  15. Bro please add show private account feature

  16. For all three versions it says app not installed. The one on telegram works fine version 7.75

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  18. Bro Please Add Swip Up Option please bro

  19. Can we see private account profile picture

  20. Followers is low please badaoo

  21. kurtce Türki şarkılar da olsa

  22. How it can be updated

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  24. �������� �� ������

  25. Please helping private absent no so

  26. Please make JT Whatsapp App Hack. Get the ability to download videos and pictures and zoom pictures.

  27. unfollower tracker is not showing.

  28. We can't share reels in our story more than 15 sec.

  29. Download Apk Here You can download free and safe millions of the latest Android apps, mod games Apk Online.

  30. با سلام و تشکر اینجانب علیرضا شیشه‌گر وکیل اصفهان از شما برای این اپلیکیشن خوب ممنونم

  31. The package seems like incorrect. I can't install the version 9.70

  32. Pack com.insta (9.70) is corrupted.

  33. Instagram Pro or instapro both are best and better than instander thank you sam.

  34. Please fix the bug :

    We cant able to Reply to the Comments... It crashes automatically