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What is InstaPro ?
Hey Everyone! Insta Pro APK is  the best Insta Mod  for Android devices. and this devlope by SamMods. By the way, No more worries at all.We have all new Insta Pro to replace the Other Insta Mod in the aspects of features and performance. Recently developer has released the latest version based on the Play Store Base.  

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  • [ Latest Base Update ] 319.
  • [Added] Redownload Notification
  • [Misc] Many More.
  • [Fixed] Many Random Crash
  • Privcay – In Every App Privacy is important. In this version have some use full privacy features.(Do not mark messages as read in direct, Hide View Stories, Hide typing status in DM)..
  • Download Stories & Media – Downloading is Most Important can save stories and download images and video in feeds by pressing download button and also using extra option.
  • Save IGTV Videos – You can Save IGTV videos to your  android device storage .
  • Ad-free – Insta Pro ( InstaPro  ) Fully Ad-free You won’t see any advertisements in between the feed and stories.
  • Photos in max quality – Using this feature you can share full resolution.
  • Translate – Supports Google and Yandex translation engine. One can translate comments and posts to English, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish.
  • In-app browser – You Have choice option need to open another browser to visit any link.
  • Shopping items in search – You can disable advertisement items .
  • Unfollowing tracker – Many people  know who unfollowed them. So, this option makes sense in that case. Even, you can see the list of unfollowers with this InstaPro.
  • App lock – Don’t need any other app and  tools anymore. Just insta pro lock your Insta with the pin code.
  • Follows You – Ability to showing ( FOLLOWS YOU ) Tag. You can easly see who follow you.

some shortcuts features

  • Enable/Disable Double-tap to like
  • Download media on triple tap.
  • Zoom picture on long tap.
  • Disable swipe to open camera and DM.
  • Download Own Story With Music

mini features

  • Copy comments.
  • Copy users bio.
  • Check if the user follows you by going to their profile.
  • Comments links can be opened directly.
  • Listen and add music to the Stories
  • Add music stickers to the Stories (may not be available in your country)
MOD NameInstaPro
Android Vr4.4.2 UP
File TypeAPK
Download Size45MB

Please Follow Instructions: 
1- Download InstaPro Apk 
2- Click On Apk and Install 
3- If You Get any error so please unistall old version reinstall latest version
4- Done 

com.instapro2 Download Link2
com.instapro Download Link2
com.insta Download Link2

39 Responses to "InstaPro Latest Version Apk Download v10.75 Apk"

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  2. Nice work but can 2 issues I've come across within a minute...
    1. When you press and hold the person's profile pic it comes up blurry.
    2. When u hit options or samsoptions to download it's black box u can't see the options

  3. No sé si corregirían este bug que me aparecia cada instante en mi dispositivo j7 Pro por eso lo tuve que desinstalar y en todas los paquetes del mod y me gustaría que le agregaran la opción de colocar temas al mod como era en el GBInstagram gracias saludos cordiales este es el bug

    STACK_TRACE=java.lang.SecurityException: Access denied. Caller is not trusted: TrustedCallerInfo{isTrusted=false, uid=10999, signature=Ye03foXThqjf7muGS9hbC_qlr4E, packageNames=[]}
    at android.os.Parcel.readException(
    at android.database.DatabaseUtils.readExceptionFromParcel(
    at android.database.DatabaseUtils.readExceptionFromParcel(
    at android.content.ContentProviderProxy.query(
    at android.content.ContentResolver.query(
    at android.content.ContentResolver.query(
    at android.content.ContentResolver.query(
    at X.3gv.B(:329945)
    at X.2Q7.A(:251539)
    at X.2YU.B(:258795)
    at X.7mN.handleMessage(:685102)
    at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
    at android.os.Looper.loop(

  4. bug report: when you tap on three dots then saminsta options the text is black and the background is black

    1. Bro I already commented on this

  5. Cant login, a Network error appears

  6. Replies
    1. same problem here....DM notification dont work

  7. For some reason my video camera option is not there?

    Who else has the issue

  8. Indicator of "follows you" under the follower bio not appear

  9. is it possible to make a feature so we can add links to our story? so people can swipe up. (now it is only available if you have over 10k followers)

  10. DM notifications dont work....i m unable to see PUSH NOTIFICATION

  11. Please do I disable auto played in the latest version kind hel0

  12. Hello mdm insta par mil sakti ho

  13. when i using full screen in navigation bar is black how can i fix it

  14. Nice to update but some small issues their
    There are developer options quick experiment catagories inner names has missing, number have they names place how to find that names and stories take pictures from gallary photo is blurred please fix this issues

  15. Sir I can't see reels option on other's I'd please help me out from it

  16. I'm seeing sponsored posts with this new version? No bueno! :-(

  17. Hi Dear Sam . I recently update insta pro . But i noticed that a very nessecary feature removed .

    [ Remove] Video Fast Forwarding By Instagram

    Please fix it it's very very nessecary for everyone . I force to downgrade app to 9.15 version again to have this . 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  18. And also please add Reel feature by default for none active country if you can

  19. In fact, the updated version of Instapro is not like the 9.15 version, which has the latest video forward and back feature, even though it doesn't exist. I'm also still using the 9.15 version of the application until there is the latest update.

  20. I prefer the 9.15 where I could download stories by the tap of only 1 buttom, now I need to press download and then download this file media. This is so unnecessary and discomfortable that I deleted 9.35 and installed 9.15 again.

  21. Plz fund some solution and add video fast forwarding option ... that was the only reason I started using mod ... now we have to play the whole video again just to check particular part of video

    1. Plz find some solution and add video fast forwarding option ... that was the only reason I started using mod ... now we have to play the whole video again just to check particular part of video

  22. There was option to download self sent disappearing photos and videos within 24hrs but now it is not working at all. Any work around for it?

  23. Hey is there any chance of u updating this to the v 253.x because 245 sucks
    Here's my issue btw
    When i post a post on my story
    Usually it should play as a video on my story but it doesn't play and it just stays up as an image.
    I don't know why this happens but it's not fun having that problem ;-;

  24. how to use unfollow tracker? please tell me

  25. Can't download reels directly can anyone asist me

  26. Hi cdbdajtshuutdxvhhhhhvdrfffggyy